How Not to Ruin Your Vacation?

When you spend your hard earned money on your vacation, it is absolutely necessary to soak up all the experience, then spending it on regrets & gadgets.

We have done some mistakes in the past during our travels, that we wish we could erase or wish we would have known better. But hey, we are hoomans, we ought to make mistakes, we learn from our mistakes, they make us a better person.

Just because someone made them, does not mean you have to do them too. I am here to share my experience about guilt-free traveling hassles.

Check Temperature
Funnily enough, most people rely on the travel agents and forget to use what is there at their disposal aka the internet. While traveling, I make sure to check the weather forecast at the destination at least 2-3 weeks early every day ( I did the same for our recent travels as well. Click HERE & HERE for our the travel story). This time, when I traveled to Mauritius, I packed our fair share of warm as well as tropical clothes. If you read my previous post you would be familiar what I'm talking about. There were days when the sun was blazing and there were also days where the sun did not make an appearance. We came across a couple on our holiday who did not pack any warm clothes, when the temperature started to drop in the evenings, poor lady had to borrow a jacket from the driver.

Appropriate Footwear
We all want to look our best on vacations that we forget about our comforts. "I want to wear heels throughout my vacation" attitude is something that we have all been through at one point. I have learned my lesson after such multiple incidents, and I plan not to repeat. I have my all-time favorite Nike's with me all the time while I'm away. And these babies have never let me down.

Not Budgeting Properly
Booked the flight tickets? Check. Booked an ocean view room? Check. Booked local transportation/ shuttle/ car? Check. Planned out the itinerary? Check. Planned out finances for the itinerary? Arey waha jake dekhte hai kya hota hai. It is a well-known fact, that we do this, this is completely acceptable when you are traveling domestically. But definitely not whilst traveling abroad. Do your research. Check out TripAdvisor's reviews for your planned destination. You will be surprised what all things may pop up. You will come across all the offbeat places and get spoiled with some remarkable information.

"Better to be sure and safe than to be sorry and sore." I had read this somewhere whilst collecting information for this story. You may have a strong immune system(same pinch) or you may go to the gym every day(same pinch again), but that does not give you the reason to neglect travel insurance. For some, getting one can be a tough pill to swallow, but this is something that you will never regret having beside you.

Not Checking Entry Requirement
I had no idea that you need a visa to enter Dubai.  Similarly, it is necessary to check all the requirement before entering a foreign land. Check out trip advisor for more insights

Taking Responsiblity
If you have a companion, divide the responsibilities for everything that you carry along. E.g, let your partner take care of the documents(tickets, insurance papers etc), gadgets(batteries, chargers, extra sd cards, universal plug, electronic shaver etc). While you can take care of the rest of your medicines, clothes, snacks and other belongings.

Skin Care/ Makeup/ Jewelry
This time I went over and beyond with this category. I was a stranger to the term "Minimalist Travelling." But I'm here to tell you, travel minimal my friend. Carry what you use on daily basis, and not something that you think you may use since you are on vacation.

I hope my experience gave you little nuggets of wisdom, and you enjoyed reading it as much I did writing it for you.



  1. Thanks for the tips! Rachel x

  2. Appropriate footwear is totally essential. i can never fully enjoy anything when my feet are cold :(

  3. Great tips! Very informative post, well done :)

  4. OMG. I can’t believe I was actually noting down points from ur blog. Haha haaa, awesome Cynthia. Just loved the write up.

  5. People don't realise how expensive it can be if something happens when you're on holiday and you don;t have insurance. With comparison sites there's no need to pay over the odds but having travel insurance is essential. You've raised some great points here.

    Rachael |


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