Dubai 2017


So after staying in Mauritius for 6 days we had planned another 5 days in the Middle East. If you missed on my Mauritius story click HERE . We had prepped our minds for the harsh Arabian summer and couldn't be more excited to experience it.

Dubai is such a versatile yet beautiful city, known for its Skyscrapers and Palm Islands. I have an attachment towards the city in some way, and I know that I will be definitely visiting soon.

WARNING: There aren't exciting photos in this post as the previous one, cause we did all indoor activities only. So there wasn't anything exciting to capture. Sorry about that.

Currency - Dirhams. (1 DHR = 17 INR)
Temperature - 38 Degree minimum. (at the time of our visit)
Language - Arabic, Hindi, English.
Religion - Majority Muslim.
Location = Duh.

So we had arrived around 11 pm ish on 29th of July. We were staying at The Hyatt Place, Al Rigga. Our room was quite spacious, we were glad about that and just like Mauritius, we did enjoyed our daily Breakfast Buffet.

Airport OOTD

Our Airbus A380

Air Meal

Day1 After a scrumptious breakfast, we decided to head to The Dragon Mart which is known for Chinese goods.
Break Fast at Day 1
The moment we stepped out of the hotel OMG, this hot breeze just came rushing to greet us. And withing 3-4 mins of walking, my sunscreen had started to melt. My sunglasses were literally sliding off my nose due to my melted SPF.
OOTD at a Metro Station
Apart from this, we had quite a blast in the market, it was a never ending maze. There were endless options of look-a-like Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty and all the high end brands that you can think of. We also came around tens and thousands of wigs, electronic gadgets that we did not know existed, and drones too. There was a point where we almost got for ourselves. But since it would get confiscated at the BOM airport, we dropped the idea.

After walking for over 2-3 hours, we decided to hunt for a good biryani place in the food court. God was gracious, and we came across this place which served delicious chicken biryani ("Mandi" as the Arabs call it). And I can still remember how it melted on our tongue.
Sorry! I couldn't make it look as delicious as it tasted!

Yup, I couldn't resist myself to try on some fun wigs.

Around 7 pm ish we finished shopping and decided to head back to our hotel. Since we were walking the whole day we were way too tired, so on our way to the hotel, made a stop at a small restaurant and picked up two Shawarmas and some cold coffees, and called it a night.

Day 2 we decided to go to The Dubai Mall/ Burj Khalifa. Our means of transportation through out our say stay in Dubai was local bus and the metro. So we had to be at the Mall by 2 pm, and we made it around 12.15 pm or so. 
One of the Air Conditioned Bus Stop

We had plenty of time on our hands so we decided make stops at some iconic stores. I always, always wanted to visit the Tiffany's, and I had no clue that I would get the opportunity to visit the store so soon. The store was so aesthetically pleasing that I couldn't stop myself from trying on few pieces. I'm definitely a ring girl, I may skip earnings, bracelet or a necklace but a figure ring is something that I have been drawn to since I was a little girl. So I tried on few bands, and I came across one that look exactly like my engagement stud. 
My "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Moment
So after spending a while at the store it was Burj Khalifa time. Made it to the top after endless walking and the view was totally worth it. We spend around couple of hours At the Top and decided to feed our hunger.

 We had a burrito roll and a burger. After our lunch we strolled around this huggggge mall for hours and hours.

Pillar of crystals 

That typical tourist!

We were informed that there is a fountain show around 6pm outside the Dubai mall. It took us around 15 mins of walking to reach there just to miss it. So we waited for another 10 mins for the next show and it was just the perfect way to end our adventures at this gigantic mall. Since we gave ourselves a workout the whole day, we had no energy left. We wanted something light for dinner, so on our way, we pick up some cup noodles with some local soda for dinner.

Day 3 It was another hot and humid day for our taste, but this time we were almost accustomed to this heat. We headed to the Deira City Center which was a 7-10 mins ride from our hotel. We did quite a bit of shopping here. We came across Max and Splash stores in this mall, and I was speechless looking at their collection.

Max was so fashion forward, it had all the latest of latest trends and endless options for bodysuits, something that we don't get to see in India. I was tempted to get all of these pieces. I wish we had this unbelievable collection in India as well. I got so carried away by everything that came across my sight that, I forgot to take pictures of the collection. :(  But here are some snippets.

Max Collection

Max Collection
 Then we strolled around the grocery section and I was amazed. Take a look...

More Cheeeeeeeeese
Dried nuts & seeds

This is a Fish Market. First time have I ever seen a fish market so spotless.

They were alive.

Same goes to the meat market. So clean!!!!
Smoked Turkey


After shopping for couple of hours we went to the food court and took a walk around. I saw a Japanese restaurant which made only ramen. And I wanted to try a ramen bowl for as long as I can remember (specially after watching "The Ramen Girl" movie. I think I seen this movie around 7-8 years ago), so I finally took this opportunity and ordered my very first ramen bowl. It was an alright kind of dish nothing outstanding about it.

Later in evening we decided to go out for dinner. We went to this Pakistani restaurant and ordered seekh kabab gravy with tandoor roti. And aaahhh IT WAS THE BEST THING EVAAAAAA.

Day 4 We were indecisive about this day since it was our last one in Dubai, so after breakfast we decided to go to Jumeirah/ The Palm Island/ The Atlantis Hotel.
Round one of my breakfast

Round two of my breakfast
We traveled there via metro for over an hour, and once we reached the place we had to travel by tramp and a mono rail. The view from the monorail was breathtaking, we saw sooo many skyscrapers that we were in awe, and experiencing this by a monorail took its charm to the next level. The sun was blazing on us, and as the time passed we had this beautiful view of The Atlantis Hotel at the end of the horizon, it totally captured my heart.

Sorry for the poor quality photos. We did not carry our camera therefore these were shot on our phone.

Look at the skyscrapers!

View of skyscrapers from a mono rail

Once reaching the destination, we explored the hotel. They have the Dubai's biggest water park inside and we also saw a lot of people coming from the beach, but we were not prepared for any water activities, so we just chilled at the Atlantis instead. We managed to come across Gordon Ramsay's restaurant. We already had our lunch so our bellies were full, but we did picked up an ice cream from his restaurant tho.

We spent 1.5 hours there and decided to head back. On day 1, where we had gotten the shawarma's, we stopped at the same place for dinner. Not the best I would say, but hey, we at least made it to dinner instead of crashing at the hotel calling cup noodles our dinner.

We had our flight the next morning, so we spend rest of the evening shoving packing our luggage. Whenever we got back to our hotel we indulged our selves to a glass of chilled and relaxing lemon infused water, which used to be in the lobby, that's a plus to Hyatt Place.

And that was the summary of our Dubai experience. It was hot, whenever we stepped outside, it was like stepping inside a hot oven. That probably was the only reason which made us dead tired at the end of our day. Like I mentioned before for first two days we did not go out for dinner, we used to be all dehydrated and drained. Apart from the heat, I absolutely loved this city, even our neighborhood was incredible. Everything we needed throughout our stay was on walk-able distance

My fantasy is that I would love to live in this city for a year just to ride a luxury car with roads as beautiful as this city. No speed breaks, no pot holes, no traffic jam and most importantly no unnecessary honks. I was stunned to see the disciple this city has towards public transport and traffic. I wish even my country could be this disciplined. It just makes me sad to accept this fact. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this for you. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below.
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  1. Nice! Thank you! I have never been in Dubai and this makes me feel it :)

  2. I've only been to the Dubai airport but hope to venture outside the airport one day :) great photos!

    1. Thank you so much! you should definitely visit this city

  3. Very nice pictures! Dubai is my dream! You must have had a lot of fun!

  4. Loved reading your post, great pictures which tells how much you enjoyed.

  5. Looks amazing! Rachel x


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