A Positive Beginning...

I hope you all had a rocking Diwali. It's not just about burning crackers, but about spending time with your loved one's. I wanted to start off by keeping it light hearted and celebratory (Thanks plixxo for this sentence ;) ) Since Diwali is a season of lights, I wish you all my beautiful readers to have a future filled with positive vibes and light.

I want my blog to be able to help somebody in some or the other way, be it mentally, physically, emotionally.  

For a while, I was lost in the world of  knowledge aka books. I realized that in this big beautiful world I'm just a tiny little creature(I did know that before). There is a whole world outside filled with philosophy, science, life etc. I want to be more than just a beauty blogger. I want to build my own community that I can connect to and share with.

I also learned how important it is to stay positive and kick out meaningless thoughts out of our mind. One little negative thought can change the entire course to where our life is headed. Because when we keep thinking about this little thing, it takes charge in our mind and rules it. And before you know, it becomes our identity.

Similarly, if we ought to think about positive things, our mood is perked up 10x and it's reflected through our actions. When people see this, they like to be in our company, cause nobody has time for someone who nags.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to stay positive when people around you are giving you a hard time. But it takes practice. And once you ace this, things turn around.

I have changed a lot and I have to thank all those books that have helped me grow and groom myself into someone who can be a good use to the community. I will be doing beauty/fashion related posts as well, it will be the foundation of this blog, but along with it I would also like to cover some off beat topics that a lot of beauty bloggers don't do.

I've gotten rid some blog posts, except for the Summer Haul. Cause I'm a little proud of how the photos have turned out. If you keep up with my Instagram, you would know that I was on a vacation a while ago. And I have to share so so soooo much about my experience.

I have so many ideas and new things planned for my blog which will help my readers.
And sweeping my thoughts about beauty, life and everything in between is what I love. I have ideas floating around my mind that it's overwhelming.

These are the type of things that you usually look forward to from a blogger. I am so glad that I have a new vision for my blog now. But hey you only learn when you fall. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy my future posts with some killa pictures(thanks to my hubby).

Until next time,




  1. I also want to inspire and motivate with my blog. We need each other to stay positive.

  2. Wow! i like reading your Article. it makes big meaning. thanks or this

  3. I think you are doing an amazing job on your blog and you are helping readers like me to read great contents on your site. Great positive energy and image you have create on your blog. All the best in life.
    ~ Thea Topaz (www.theatopaz.com) #theatopaz

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words!!!!

  4. I loved your blog or set the tone for my day. No negative thoughts I needed that.

  5. I really like reading your blog! Great post :)


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