Mauritius 2017

And just like I had promised in my last post I'm here with an exciting one!!!
First and foremost, thank you Lord for giving us the opportunity to explore this exotic tropical island. I'm so grateful to you!

"The world is a book; and those who do not travel, read only a page"

Since its a travel post, I had to include a cliché quote.

So, I have been places and have collected pretty good experiences and stories. But this time I have returned with so much more than that. I had no idea that travel can give you so much in one go.

To begin with, I wanted to go to my dream city, i.e Paris but then I also wanted to go somewhere beachy. We made a list of places like S. Africa, Kenya, Bali, Thailand, Russia, Europe, Australia so on and so forth. It took us almost 5-6 months to decide the destination for our vacation. And finally we settled for Mauritius x Dubai.

Language - Creole.
Currency - Mauritian Rupees. (MUR 1 = INR 2)
Religion - Majority Hinduism.
Location - About 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) off the coast of Africa, east of Madagascar.

I don't know about you, but for me almost 80% of the travel experience depends on accommodation, it can either break it or make it. We were fortunate enough to have a room in one of the reputed chains of hotel in the world i.e Radisson Blu in Poste Lafayette. And lemme tell you, our experience at this hotel was remarkable. Everybody was armed with "Yes I can" attitude. They went over and beyond their courtesy level to do things which were requested by the guest. I would like to give 6/5 stars for Radisson Blu for making our experience a worth while.

Shortly after arriving at the hotel, we were asked to fill some documents and were briefed about the property/services at the hotel. We had booked a garden view(which also had a tiny view of the ocean)room. Our space was little smaller then we had expected, but the services that we were pampered with, made up for it. The weather in Mauritius was weird this time. According to the locals, it wasn't supposed to rain this time of the year. But we did face some stormy rains every now and then, except  for the last two days at the resort.

So day 2 woke up at 6.30 am for a yoga lesson, it was almost time for the sun rise, the morning was so calm and beautiful, Not even for one second did I regret waking up this early. My yoga instructor and I did some stretches facing the serene view of the beach with the wind in my hair. It was impossible not to feel a huge smile creep over your face.

After our breakfast we decided to do touristy things, so we drove all the way down to the Southern part of the Island, we went to a factory which made miniature ships and bought one for our-selves too. Apparently, this factory gets its design patterns for the ships from all around the world, and later they happen to export them back. Moving on, we came across the showroom where they displayed these ships, where we were not allowed to take photos. I came across Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl and The Titanic too.

Later, we headed to the crater peak to spoil ourselves with uninterrupted views of the horizon. To better describe the experience, ‘mystical’ would be the adjective to look for.

I have a fear for heights, and walking on a some skinny little bridge sounds off the topic bro. But somehow I overcame my fear and agreed to walk on the Nepalese Bridge, which is apparently the longest in the Indian ocean and I also agreed to do 1.5 kms of zip lining. Like what??????? 

We did not get an opportunity to click photos whilst walking on the bridge, but I do have a video that captured this horror. And by the time we went for zip lining the sun had already gone down, so we couldn't record anything for this activity as well.

150 year old Tortoise

We did off road quad biking around the hill too.

Day 3. This day was a very memorable one. It was time for the Southern Island Discoveries. So the tour guides were going to take us on individual islands which included snorkeling and lunch too. They stopped the speed boat at a spot where we would have to walk around 20-30 meters in the turquoise water to hop on the island. For a moment I felt like I am somewhere far far far away from the real world, no buildings, no traffic, no unnecessary honks. There was a serene view that looked like something from a postcard. It was so breathtakingly beautiful that it completely captured my heart, where the mountains gently embrace the Indian Ocean. This intimate setting wants having your partner by your side, with gorgeous views of the waters beyond.
I wish I had more words to explain this feeling.

We went to a shipwreck which was around 109 years old, located in the middle of the ocean!!!! And later it was time to do some snorkeling.

I can't swim. And floating in water with a life jacket didn't sound appealing to me. I was filled with so much anxiety before snorkeling, that I spend around 10 mins thinking I won't do it. But my husband gave me the courage and I finally jumped in the turquoise ocean. I WAS FLOATING! (thanks to the life jacket) Dipping my head under water was another fear that I have overcome, So, I put on the goggles, held my nose and ducked under, I fell IN LOVE with snorkeling. I was mesmerized by the beautiful fish and amazing coral and for me it felt as if I was completely at one with the sea. I saw a beautiful underwater world that was so peaceful and calm, which reminded me of one of the poem from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

And just like that, it was time to get on the boat and head to our next destination. So like, after 45 mins of the boat ride we came to another isolated island where this family filled our souls with some delicious indulgence. I was head over heels. It was the best food I had through out our stay in Mauritius. Shortly, after our magnificent lunch, we were entertained with some music and dance by the fab hosts, we saw a potpourri of cultures and in an hour or so it was time to say good bye to the southern island discoveries.

Day 4. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was time to hit the capital of the island, Port Louis. We saw couple of places like the Citadelle Fort, Le Caudan Waterfront Mall, Riche Terre Mall, Marie Reine de la Paix and had our lunch at McDonald's.


FUN FACT: Above are photos from the location where the song "Aa toh sahi" from Judwa 2 was shot. We had the Judwaa 2 crew in our flight the day we flew to Mauritius. The main cast stayed at the Westin Property, Turtle Bay.

City of Port Louis

Citadelle Fort
Citadelle Fort

Citadelle Fort

Marie Reine de la Paix

Marie Reine de la Paix

Le Caudan Waterfront Mall

Le Caudan Waterfront Mall

We returned to our resort around 4.30 pm. We had a lot of time to kill, so we spent the evening on the beach. Strolling around pure bliss and taking photos and some killa boomerangs for my insta-stories. I can only describe the surrounding as, breathtaking view is what takes the cake. I was in awe with this setting. It was a day filled with fun and happiness.

Radisson Blu, Poste Lafayette

Day 5. Another beautiful sunny day. The hotel had arranged fishing activity, which gave us another excuse to dip our toes in the turquoise water. We ended up catching three fishes, We took some pictures and left these little babies back into the ocean.

We were informed that there is aqua aerobics awaiting. So we headed to the deck and jumped into the pool(jk i can't swim, so I walked inside the pool) as the minutes ticked we found ourselves to be in the pool. It was the most relaxed feeling ever. It was a tough decision to get out of the pool, but somehow I managed to do it.

We grabbed some snacks and a bottle of sprite from our room and relaxed under the shade facing the spectacular view of the ocean. This setting was so in sync with our personal preference for relaxation, that it was the perfect opportunity to switch off and unwind.

Day 6. Beautiful and sunny day yet again. So I wanted to go on a bicycle ride around the neighborhood since we had arrived. My husband made this wish come true as well. We hired some uber cool bicycles and went on an adventure. It was such a task bro, I was reminiscing my leg days at the gym. The two-wheeling etiquette in Mauritius commands that every fellow biker who crosses you gestures a nod, making you feel accepted on the island in no time. Since, we were technically not on two wheeler nobody gave us any nods. After riding for 25-30 mins into this wondrous neighborhood, we reached our destination. We took some remarkable photos and rode back to our resort. After this excursion my legs were-not-my-best-friends so I decided to spoil myself and go for a massage. My masseuse had the best sense of humor. I was *extremely* relaxed by the end of the pampering.

And soon it was time to say good bye to our lovely Ile Maurice.
Dubai will be next up in couple of days.




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