Summer Haul 2017

I mean what's a beauty blog, without a beauty haul? Been out and about, looking for some good deals on these goodies that I am sharing with you today. If you read my  March Makeup Wish List, had already mentioned one of the items below. These babies have been lingering in my wardrobe for a while now, and it's about time I shared them with you.

First thing's first, Can we take a moment and just appreciate the photos that have turned out? I mean it looks like they have been shot for a magazine. But no. These have been shot by a regular handheld camera and with just natural sunlight. Yes, an expensive DSLR is not the only way out. you could take good pictures with a regular camera or a from a phone as well. How? I'll post about that later.

Coming back,  just to give you a synopsis of the products, they were purchased over a period of a month. Few items were a gift from my parents when they visited the Middle East.

L'oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel:
This is just a fancy word for MAGIC. I was on a lookout for a really good summer moisturizer which does not make me sweat. I had read a ton of reviews about this product. Since I have an oily combination skin, I went ahead and purchased it. It has a creamy gel type consistency and just sinks into the skin like a charm, it gets rid of all the dry patches and makes my skin makeup ready! The product definitely delivers what it promises.  BUY HERE

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Gleam:
This highlighter palette is so fine-looking. Probably the best one I have used so far. Mimosa is what I use on a daily basis. No doubt when it comes to its pigmentation. Definitely, lives up to the hype. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child:
I have been dreaming about this palette for a really long time.  It's so stunning, makes me wanna cry. I haven't got a lot of use out of it as I thought I would.  It's not a practical palette for everyday use as compared to the GLEAM. Pigmentation is on point. As I spend more time using this particular product, I could not fathom continue using it. Instead, I use the GLEAM by ABH a lot more

Miss Claire single eyeshadows: 
I was on a look out for a bright summery eyeshadow palette, but I didn't like much of what I saw. So I settled for Miss Claire's single eyeshadows. Their pigmentation is super good, worth every penny.

Maybelline Falsies Push up Drama Mascara: I have heard crazy good things about this mascara. Haven't opened it yet. But I'm sure it won't let me down. BUY HERE

Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner in Kourt K:
Do I even need to praise this one? Instagrammers already know the hype about Kylie Cosmetics! I got mine in Kourt K.

Purchased from Bandra Hill Road. If you are a Mumbaikar you know this place very well. It's a shopping heaven for those uber-stylish girls, with unbelievable prices. You gotta keep your bargaining skills high when you are here.

Sunglasses, Frames, Choker:
All from Crawford Market, Mumbai. This is the best place in Mumbai to shop if you are looking for good bargains. You will find everything here, from retail imported grocery to wholesale. 

It's an Israeli brand. My parents got me this from their Middle East trip to Jordan's Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is packed with minerals. These cosmetics are made out of them. Haven't tried them yet, but they seem very intriguing. 

"The Dead Sea is the Earth’s largest natural spa. Located on the lowest point of the planet (417 meters below sea level), it abounds with a variety of minerals with proven therapeutic powers and cosmetic benefits. The life-giving waters of the Dead Sea contain the highest concentration of minerals in the world – an astounding 32%."

Perfume Bottle:
This is a local brand perfume bottle, again my parents got me from their Middle East trip to Egypt. The bottle on the right is just an empty decorative piece. You can pour the perfume in it and gift it to someone sort of a thing.

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