List of Summer Essentials 2017

If you read my previous post, I have shared my favorite tunes to jazz up the summer. So that was the post which inspired me to write this one.

Summer is all about vacations, family get together and big fat weddings. So I have put together few essential gear that will help you survive this scorching heat and have fun at the same time.

1.  Sunscreen.
It's not just for summer but its indispensable throughout the year. Our skin is sensitive, so in order tame the harmful UVA & UVB rays, sunscreen is absolutely necessary. I use Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Look in SPF 40. Been using this for a long long time.BUY HERE You can check out my 5 product face for more deets CLICK HERE

2. Sunglasses.
Give me a moment to soak up the most favorite part of this post. I've got more than 20 pairs of sunglasses and it's still escalating its way up. There are endless options when it comes to the shapes, choose one according to your fancy.

3. Lip Blam.
I face dry & chapped lips all year long so I'm no guest to this one. Our lips are 2x sensitive than our skin. Give them some balm love. Try getting one with an SPF. Currently, I use Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy with SPF 15. BUY HERE

4. Flip Flops.
How can anybody go wrong with this one? I prefer cheap street flip flops over the branded ones. You get a good use outta them for just INR 100/ 150.

5. Hat.
Keep the harsh sun rays at bay by simply caring a hat along. Black & Brown are universal colors. I currently own a black one.

6. Sling Bag/ Back Pack.
To carry all the necessities while stumbling around. I prefer a backpack for vacation and a sling bag for everyday use, just enough for the day.

7. Water Bottle.
Another underrated summer essential. Keep your body hydrated. Carry around a water bottle to quench the thirst.

8. Wipes.
Since I was in the Konkan, this one had to be by my side all the time. Try getting your hands on the baby wipes, cause they are mild and easy on the skin, unlike harsh ones in the market which are packed with chemicals. BUY HERE

9. Good Tunes.
Last but not the least, what's a summer without any beats for the road? Load up your flash drive or your phone with some funky tunes.

And that's it. Hope this was helpful. Comment below your gear for the summer. Please do not forget to check out my socials, all @eknumberblog links are below.

 Have a Happy & Cool Summer!



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