How to use Gulab Jal/ Rose Water in Summer?

And just like that, the heat wave is back. It wasn't that long ago, since it thundered and showered in Pune. The after effect was so cool and pleasant. This heat is giving me more inspirations for summer stories for my blog. Probably, this is the only reason why I am thankful for this heat. It helps me stir those thoughts and come up with content ideas.

We all are familiar with Rose Water aka Gulab Jal. The company has promoted it for only two reasons, facial mist & adding the water to the Face Pack/ Multani Mitti. But to your surprise, I have discovered a couple of more reasons to implement the water in my daily life, and I am here to share it with you.

1. Toner:
Many people already know this and put this to practice. It is very important to inculcate toning in your beauty regimen. You may think that washing your face gets rid of all the dirt that's accumulated in your pores, not true! The face wash/ cleanser may do that to some extent, but to make sure that you get rid of all the pollution, dust etc from the pores, you gotta tone your skin with a cotton pad. Here are some remarkable toners that have worked for me.
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2. Setting Spray:

Not many people know about this but it's one of my favorite way to use the Gulab Jal. It takes away the cakey-ness and leaves a soft dew. A while ago, I was really into matte finished looks, having a dewy skin made no sense to me. I always felt dewy skin looks oily and unfinished and it wasn't my cup of tea. Until later, I learned that there should be a perfect balance between matte & dewy finish, that's where my territory lied. Now I hate matte looks. I am all about those popping highlights and a good dew on my skin. Apart from the Rose Water so far, I have only used MAC Fix + setting spray. Boy, that finish is unrivaled. Fix + holds your makeup even in the hottest conditions. Trust me, I have put it to the test.
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3. Eye Treatment: 
Soak two cotton balls in the Gulab Jal squeeze out the excess water and lay them on your eyes. It will cool those tired eyes and hydrate it as well. TIP: refrigerate the water for about an hour before this treatment for extra cooling effect.

4. Makeup Remover:
Mix the water with coconut oil for removing makeup in a gentle and non-irritating way. Once you've taken down your makeup it is absolutely necessary that you cleanse your face and follow-up with a toner & a night-time moisturizer. Here are some incredible makeup removers that have worked for me.
 Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk   BUY HERE
 Garnier Skin Naturals Gentle Cleansing Milk   BUY HERE 

5. Face Packs:
I know this one is a cliché. But it seems to work really well. All you gotta do is take 2 tbsp. of Multani mitti/ Chandan powder/ Besan and add the Gulab Jal until desired consistency.

And that's about it! Hope this was a pleasant read to you. I have a bunch of blog post planned, really excited to share them here. Until later Ciao!



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