36 Things that make me happy

To begin with I would like to wish you all a very happy Friday!!!!!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend ahead!

So to start off, we all face struggles in our daily life, it can be office, family, friends, neighbors etc, but there's so much more to life beyond these problems. Today I bring you 36 thing that make me happy. Maybe you'll get to know my perspective towards life.

1. My favourite song on the radio.
 2. Meeting old friends.
 3. A deep conversation.
 4. Smell after the first rain.
 5. A good customer service.
 6. Endless cat cuddles.
 7. Our wedding photo album.
 8. Friends TV show.
 9. A pleasant evening.
 10. Cool breeze.
 11. Afternoon nap.
 12. A productive day.
 13. Very sweaty workout.
 14. The first sip of morning coffee.
 15. Chamomile tea.
 16. Rosemary in everything.
 17. Perfectly brewed coffee.
 18. Round puffy roti.
 19. Dum biryani.
 20. Wind in my hair.
 21. Even winged liner.
 22. Perfectly shaped long nails.
 23. A good hair/ skin day.
 24. A good pair of jeans.
 25. Straight 8 hr of sleep.
26. A romantic date.
27. Unplanned long drives.
28. Sharing memories with a close cousins. 
29. Finding money in pocket that I forgot.
30. Singing.
31. When I turn on Comedy Central and Friends is playing.
32. Un-popped bubble wrap.
33. Stepping on crunchy leaves.
34. Smell of new books.
35. Getting new stationery.
36. Laughing till stomach hurts.

And that's it. These are the little things that make me feel like million bucks. I could go on and on, but for now this is it. What are the little things that make you happy? Comment below. See you next Friday! HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND!!




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