Dove Advanced Hair Series Rejuvated Volume Conditioner REVIEW

We all have a soft corner for Dove. Its a very innocent brand in itself, that's what I feel. I have tried a couple of Dove Shampoos & Conditioners in the past. And they have never disappointed me. I had the sleekest hair while I was on them.

So to brief you about my hair, I am already blessed with volumous and wavy hair but at the same time its dry and rough. I haven't done anythng to achieve this volume, its hereditary (thanks mom). I was on Dove for a couple of years in the past. I couldn't take the scent of these products anymore, and I decided to take a break. The moment I stopped using them, I could already feel rough and dry ends.

I have been facing hair fall for couple of years now, which has led to hair thinning(Though I face this problem I still have that volume.) However the product does not claim to stop the hair fall, it promises to give voluminous hair. So as a matter of fact, I am not complaining that the product is not effective on hair fall. It does live up to its promise.

One fine day while I was at D-mart, I decided to pick up the new formula Dove conditioner. At this point they had not come with the TV commercial.

With Dove Advanced Hair Series, experience Dove's most advanced nourishment solutions for hair that needs extra care. The Rejuvenated Volume range has been specifically crafted to benefit weak, thinning hair.

INR 250 for 240 ml  BUY HERE

After the first wash I did not feel any noticeable change. But a couple of washes later, I definitely felt something. My hair felt so smooth and glossy, just like how it felt when I used Dove in the past. The product smells divine, and the effects last for at least 2-3 days. The consistency of the product is thick like any other conditioner. My hair looks healthy & luscious compared to what it used to be. It detangles hair like a breeze, and keeps the frizz at bay. It gives my hair the right amount of hydration & makes it look bouncy. I would highly recommend this product to you, specially if your hair is limp.

Hope this gave you the insight about the product. Let me know your experience as well. See you in my next post!



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